New York. London. Paris. Milan. Next up: NA-KD Fashion Week.
A week full of styling, inspiration, exclusive offers and competitions.
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NFW Day #1

Monday 26/9 | In prints we trust
-15% off all prints for 24 hours

This season is all about putting your slogan on your outfit. The trend has been spotted on the front row at every show at this years fashion week, all the 'IT' girls are wearing them. What's your slogan? Today we're giving you the chance to design your own for the world to see.


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In prints we trust

Your city, favorite quote, year of birth or just something cool AF. The possibilities are endless, what's your slogan?

Want to win big?

Wanted: Designer. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a fashion designer? At NA-KD, we love to see dreams come true so we’re giving one lucky person the chance to design their own tee sold exclusively at

Step #1 Buy your favorite print from using discount code PRINT15.

Step #2 That's it, you're done! Don't forget to share this with your friends.

Everyone using the discount code will go into the draw to design their own tee shirt. Winners will be announced by 31 October 2016 by email.

Q&A with Victoria Lagerström


1. Why are prints your favorite trend this season? Graphic tops have actually always been in the back of my closet - meant for more lazy days. But this seasons new way of styling them just makes me love this trend. Prints will definitely add some attitude to your outfit. And also in a way describe a little bit of your personality or mood depending on which one you choose to wear.

2. If you could design your own printed tee, what would it say? I always wanted a a girl power tee! I was obsessed with Spice girls back in the day.. and rocking that around town would be amazing. Luckily NA-KD just dropped the GRL PWR tee and my problems are now solved ;)

3. What's your key styling tips for this trend? I love styling a Logo or Printed top together with some kind of colorful pattern like florals, stripes or leather. I also like to combine a printed tee together with a spaghetti strap singlet over, just giving a glimpse of the print.

4. What's your favorite piece from the NA-KD print collection? I can't choose just one. My favorite sweater is the New York sweatshirt from the brand Josefin Ekström x NA-KD, very simple but goes really well with both pattern and your favorite denims. And for t-shirt it's the GRL PWR tee from the brand Josefin Ekström x NA-KD, just because everything gets a little bit better with some girl power! ;)

5. What does your typical day look like at I'll show you! Follow me around today at work by going to NA-KD's Facebook livestream.

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NFW day #2

Tuesday 27/9 | How to wear a Bomber Jacket
-15% off all bombers

It's no secret - the bomber jacket has taken over the fashion world. From Hollywood celebrities to the girl next door, everyone is wearing one. Lucky for you NA-KD offers over 50 different badass styles, insuring there is something for everyone. Today we're all about the bomber jacket, how to wear it and how to win it.

Bombers we love

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How to wear a bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is definitely our #WCW, #MCM and MVP on the street-style scene. We just can't stop talking about it! Wheter it's worn with sleeves rolled up, ripped jeans or a dress with heels the bomber jackets are here to stay. We love it so much, we've made it our theme for the day. Your welcome.

Buy one, Win one!

We love Bombers in all shapes and colors. Blue, Green or Gold - we love them all! We know it's hard to choose only one color, therefore we are giving ten lucky babes who purchase a Bomber jacket one additional color of their choice. All you have to do is follow the steps bellow, good luck!

Step #1 Buy any Bomber Jacket from

Step #2 That's all! Now cross your fingers and tell your friends. Sharing is caring, right?

Everyone buying a Bomber jacket will go into the draw to win one additional color of their choice. Winners will be announced by 31 October 2016 by email.

Q&A with Josefin Ekström


1. Who is Josefin Ekström? I'm a 25 year old influencer from Sweden and love everything spelled "fashion". I run my own blog which is focused purely on fashion and lifestyle.

2. What inspires you? I get inspired by everything! It can as simple as walking down the street, being in different environments (Sweden is soooo beautiful!!), blogs, fashion magazines, TV and pinterest. I don’t focus on any particular elements but I just get inspiration by whatever comes my way and appeals to me.

3. What's your style? My style is never the same! It always depends on what side of the bed I wake up on ha ha!;) But, I think I definitely have more love for the classy style and also the sporty looks too. I absolutely love how the Bomber Jackets have made such a big comeback this year, and that is something that can be styled with anything! It’s such a versatile, unique piece that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

4. So.. you have your own brand at, how does that feel? How did Neil Armstrong feel when he first landed on the moon? HA! It’s such an amazing feeling. I can’t even describe it. Having my own clothing line is something I have dreamed of for so long and now that it’s actually a reality, it is almost too good to be true. I definitely pinch myself at least once a day ;) Check it out here!

5. What's your favorite piece from your collection so far? This is a tricky one, as I love all the pieces I designed! But if I had to choose, then I would say I love my ‘GRL PWR’ tee’s. They represent sophistication and girl power ;)

6. What's your favorite bomber jacket? All of the bombers on are super cool and in trend, but of course I have to choose the Bomber Jackets from my collection ;) I love the satin bomber look with the zippers at front - it’s definitely something that I feel is here to stay for a while! But, I always like to leave a bit of mystery so stay tuned as I have some more amazing designs dropping soon…

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NFW Day #3

Wednesday 28/9 | Tribute to things Floral
-20% OFF ALL floral FOR 24 HOURS

There’s no better way to freshen up your wardrobe this season than adding some floral. Whether its a dress, a shirt, a playsuit or a leather jacket; the floral print will be around all season long. Shop our floral collection here and we’ll give you 20% off. If your lucky, we’ll also feature you across all our social media channels as well as our website for all our followers to see. Find out how below!

Floral we love

Todays Video


Floral is a girl’s best friend this season. They can be dressed up and down and suitable for every occasion, which is, why this trend is on our must have A/W 16 hit list. Check out our video featuring some of our favourite styled by Victoria Lagerström who you met on Monday.

Want to be our NA-KD girl of the day?

NA-KD works with bloggers, Instagram stars and Snapchat queens all across the world. Now we're giving one lucky girl the opportunity to be featured in our newsletter, Instagram and on We will supply the clothing, you will supply the pictures. This is an opportunity for you to be recognized as an influencer world wide - what are you waiting for?

Step #1 Buy your favorite floral piece from using discount code FLORAL20.

Step #2 That's it, you're done!

Everyone buying using the code FLORAL20 will go into the draw to be our NA-KD girl of the day. Winners will be announced by 31 October 2016 by email.

Q&A with Ivana Vrbenski


1. Why are florals your favorite trend this season? I meet a lot of influencers with my work and have definitely seen florals trending this season through their outfits. I truly believe influencers are today's celebrity and I definitely get the latest trends from following some super trendy babes. I love that florals don't always have to be girly and bright and that people aren't just wearing them just in the spring and summer either.

2. What's your favorite piece from the NA-KD floral collection? I am currently obsessed with the 'Zolea Jacket' - there are no words to describe. It was definitely love at first sight!!

4. So, you work with influencers! Who's the coolest you've met so far? I was lucky enough to travel to LA earlier this year and meet up with many influencers, but the two I was pretty starstruck over were Rocky Barnes and Christopher Mason (Selena Gomez who?!).

3. How would you style your outfit in floral? I definitely like to keep my look simplistic. I am probably one of the biggest fans of For Love and Lemons, and they’re floral dresses are sooooo amazing! The Gracie Mini Dress looks so nice with wavy hair, the thin pink velvet choker and some hoops.

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Thursday 29th

NFW day #4

Thursday 29/7 | What kind of choker are you?
-15% off all chokers for 24 hours

Wide. Layered. Thin. Velvet. Leather. The list is endless.. So is our range of chokers. Each kind of choker comes with a different personality, which one are you?

Chokers we love

Todays Video

What kind of choker are you?

Chokers are all the rage right now. Lucky for you, we have a huge selection to choose from. We have done all the hard work for you and selected the only chokers you’ll need this season. They’re the perfect accessory for any outfit – Get inspired with our styling tips in this video and make sure you take advantage of the 15% discount so you can buy more than one.

Snapchat takeover - Siri Vikman

Hi guys! My name is Siri Vikman and I´m the founder of AÉRYNE. We are a girl crew of Swedes with a creative office in Paris where all the magic happens! Follow us on Snapchat today on a typical Parisian day - you will not be disappointed!

Q&A with Sanna Tranloev


1. Why are Chokers your favorite trend this season? The choker is without a doubt my favorite trend this season! I wear one pretty much everyday here in the office. There’s always one for every occasion and I also think it takes every outfit to the next level.

2. What is your favorite Choker from Haha, am I only allowed to pick one?! No chance! I’ll give you my three favorites instead ;) I wear these on rotation! The Big Clasp Choker, Thin Velvet Choker, Twined Suede and Chain Choker.

3. WEARING SEVERAL CHOKERS AT THE SAME TIME? Absolutely! The more the better!

4. How would you style an outfit with a Choker? For a night out with the girls, I would wear at least two chokers. One gold and one black velvet, and I’d style this back with a t-shirt and slip dress. For everyday use I would wear a mesh choker and style it with a hoodie and a pair of Levis.

5. Are Chokers here to stay? Right now I’m watching Fresh Prince in Belair, it’s from the 90’s where chokers are all the rave. Chokers are here to stay, at least for the next few seasons and I’m sure that they’ll always make a comeback.

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Friday 30th

NFW day #5

Final day | -15% off NA-KD.COM!

Friday 29/9 | Styling a slip dress - This is going to be your most versatile dress in your wardrobe this season!
The slip is all about showing some skin or layering up or no matter what the weather doing outside.

Slip dresses we love

Todays Video

Styling a slip dress

The Slip is a must have and we have no doubt that it will be your most worn dress in your wardrobe. By day show some skin, or team the slip with a tee. By night add some texture with a high neck mesh long sleeve top. If it’s cold outside, a lightweight roll neck knit will give you an effortless chic look. Our head Stylist Victoria has put together some of her favorite looks for you to get inspired.


Can you help if you and your BFF got the same level of flawless style? Nah, so take the chance to win our biggest trend this fall together with your most stylish bestie! We are giving 10 lucky BFF's their favourite Slip dress from All you have to do is follow the steps bellow, good luck!.

Step #1 Follow @nakdfashion on Instagram, both you and your BFF needs to follow.

Step #2 Tag your stylish BFF in the competition photo. Remember the more friends you tag and make them follow - the bigger are your chances to win!

Everyone following the steps will go into the draw to win one slip dress of their choice. The competition ends Friday at 00.00. The 10 winners will be announced by 31 October 2016 by email.

Snapchat takeover - Seema Kukadia

My name is Seema Kukadia and I am a London-based style and travel blogger.
Throughout my snapchat take over I will be showing you all how a city girl like me styles these luxe NA-KD slip dresses around town.